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Welcome to Tree Service wizards, your certified arborist for tree service of all kinds. We are happy to advise you at any time on your concerns and are available to help you in word and deed. We are on the road for you throughout the U.S., depending on the job. Call us directly at (855) 954-2493!


Why Tree Service Wizards?

Crown Protection Systems

We use flexible rope connections to absorb peak loads to prevent branches or crown parts from breaking.

Fruit Tree Pruning

In order to increase the yield and avoid wild growth, we cut your fruit trees regularly and professionally.

Removal Of The Cut Material

You can't use the cuttings or the cut log? We take care of the disposal including branches, leaves and sawdust.

Safe Streets

We determine how safe your trees are and which measures are necessary to restore traffic safety.

Tree Cutting Service

Timely, regular pruning helps trees to adapt to their habitat conditions and ensures adequate maintenance.

Tree Health Check

We check trees for damage, diseases and fungi and also assess breakages and stability.

Tree Cutting

Tree Restoration, Preservation and Care

Tree care begins in the soil. This is why we analyze the soil conditions of the location and remedy deficits by means of special procedures and systems for soil loosening, aeration, irrigation and fertilization. In order to improve the site, we increase the soil quality, e.g. through modern extraction technology and replacement of contaminated soil. Because only good conditions allow healthy growth.

The work in the tree is without doubt the most spectacular part of tree care. Understandable, because they often take place at great heights. In addition to professional climbing techniques and the use of lifting platforms, they require a high degree of skill. But as conspicuous as these works are, their results should be less visible: A well cared for, healthy tree looks quite natural.

Treetop Relief

With crown pruning, thinning and shortening, we ensure optimum growth, remove dead or diseased branches, contribute to the preservation of the tree statics through crown corrections and increase the breakage and stability. The choice of the appropriate work equipment or the respective climbing and abseiling technique and the optimal cut require a great deal of experience, as they have to be individually adapted to each individual case.

Tree Felling

Tree felling, as part of the care of the tree population, is sometimes unavoidable. However, many dangers lurk here if carried out improperly. In order to reliably avoid injuries and damage to property, a high level of know-how, modern, technically perfect equipment and, depending on the circumstances, also complicated set-down and abseiling techniques are absolutely necessary.


Do your trees grow taller than you? There are no trees you can't cut down!
Trust in our expertise and our excellent equipment. We fell every tree: no matter where the tree is located, whether close to buildings, on slopes or in hard-to-reach places.

Tree Securing and Stabilization

The owner alone is liable for the stability and breakage safety and thus the traffic safety of trees. Neglecting the duty of supervision can have serious consequences. Injuries, diseases, pest infestations or environmental changes in the root area have a lasting effect on the tree statics without first being noticed. Only the expert is in a position to reliably assess the safety of a tree on the basis of empirical values and by using measuring methods and to take countermeasures.

Tree Stump Removal

Milling out tree stumps: even in places that are difficult to access:

After felling a tree, the stump remains in the ground. This often interferes with new plantings or when mowing the lawn. With a stump grinder, the stump can be easily removed without damaging surrounding areas.

In addition to tree stumps, root nettings from hedges and bamboo can also be removed. Milling is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the removal of stumps by an excavator. The remaining milled material can simply be undermined as fertilizer or used as material for covering.

Our stump grinder is a self-propelled working machine that fits through any garden gate with a total width of 3 ft! The cutter teeth can remove tree stumps up to a depth of approx. 1.3 ft. In addition, stumps up to a depth of 5 ft are removed by our JCB-Trac with a PTO driven stump grinder.


If you can no longer use the trunks, branches, leaves ... even in shredded form, we ensure that they are quickly transported to the appropriate composting plant. We ensure environmentally friendly disposal and work together with partners in this field.

In this way humus soils are produced from the organic waste products. Other parts of the shredded material are reused as mulch material - an ideal method of covering planting areas to protect the soil from drying out and to restrict wild growth.

We will be happy to advise you on how you can use the accumulated material for your own benefit. Come to us, you can save yourself the cost of transport.

Our Services

  • Tree felling, also mass felling
  • Problem tree felling
  • Winch work
  • Crown securing, stabilization and regulation
  • Tree protection work
  • Tree restoration, maintenance and care
  • Tree care on old and young trees
  • Treetop relief
  • Stump milling work even in places that are difficult to access
  • Shredding of waste wood, green waste, trunk wood and stumps
  • Environmentally sound disposal
  • Storm damage prevention

Customer Reviews

Top communication! Very neat work, despite difficult conditions. Have left the property very clean. I could only place the order by phone and was not on site during the execution. Was not disappointed in any way.

Sullivan Horn

Best tree service I know! Thanks for the great cooperation.

Aliya Morrison

The tree felling and the removal took place carefully, thoroughly and quickly. The staff was very friendly. We can recommend it highly!

Susie Ortega

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